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Cutting-edge research at NUU ME

The department of Mechanical Engineering conduct cutting-edge research at the new frontiers of mechanical engineering with the philosophy: aim for “design and manufacturing” as a core research area, strives to “precise and smart mechanical design and manufacturing”, “mechatronics”, “energy engineering” and “nanotechnology”.  We advance the science and technology to make discoveries and solving problem face in society and together we make a better world.

The Research Area

Precise Mechining


Eenergy Engineering


Precise mechanical design and manufacturing

Focus on the design, analysis, and manufacture of precision machinery, using precision molds, precision machine tools, optical high accuracy devices, automated and intelligent machinery, etc…


Focus on the integration of technologies such as optoelectronics, machinery, motors, electronics, and information, aim for the development of intelligent monitoring and sensing systems, automated manufacturing, inspection, and measurement its applications in the biomedical system.

Energy engineering

Focus on the research of heat transfer analysis, energy conservation and renewable energy technologies. The specific research includes solar energy, wind energy and biomass energy.


Focusing on the analysis of light, electricity, magnetism, stress, and spin of micro-nano components, micro-electromechanical, electrochemical and nano-process technology for micro-nano functional components, nanostructures production and medical devices.