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Our History

  • Private United Industry Technical College was established, chaired by Mr. Kai-Ying Chin.

  • Lien Ho Industrial and Technological Junior College was established and became the first and only technical college in Miaoli County.
    Department of Mechanical Technology was founded as the first department of the College.

  • National Lien Ho Institute of Technology was named.

  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering was founded.

  • The National United University was established.
    The Department of Mechanical Engineering lunched undergraduate program and 4-year technical program.

  • The graduate program (Master degree and Ph.D) was lunched.

Our strategic plan

The Department of Mechanical Engineering's motto adheres the spirit of honesty, respect, diligence, and innovation. We educate future mechanical professionals by combining fundamental academic research and hand-on specific topics to solve practical problems in mechanical engineering.

Core Competence

We train our students with the most important core competences to be an excellent mechanical engineer

  1. The ability for mathematics, mechanical engineering knowledge and applications

  2. The ability for information analyzing, problem-solving, and decision making

  3. The ability for human values, professional ethics and social responsibilities

  4. The ability for communication and teamwork

  5. The ability for continuous learning attitude

  6. The ability for internationalization of innovation


Engineering knowledge and application

Have humanistic literacy, professional ethics, and social responsibility Continuous learning attitude Engineering problems solving and self-learning ability Leadership, management, and planning Communicate and team works International outlook and innovation Our education golden target We educate future leaders in mechanical engineering that can model, design, innovate, and solve engineering problems. Our students are equipped with both professional ethics and fast learning ability.

Our cutting-edge research

We conduct cutting-edge research at the new frontiers of mechanical engineering in four main areas of precise machining, mechatronics, energy and nanotechnology. We advance the science and technology to make discoveries and solving problem face in society.